Getting the Most from Your Bandsaw

with Roland Johnson

An essential guide to setting up and using this versatile tool.

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Master the Bandsaw

In this course you will learn why the bandsaw is one of the most versatile machines in a woodworker’s shop and why Roland Johnson says it should be the first machine you buy. It can rip lumber, resaw, and cut curves—big and small. To do any of these jobs well requires a machine that is well-tuned, has the right blade, and is set up for success. In this on-demand course, Fine Woodworking’s tool expert Roland Johnson shares his deep knowledge about setting up and using a bandsaw. Follow his tips and techniques, and you’ll soon be sawing like a pro.

What You Will Learn 

After taking this course, you'll know the ins and outs of the bandsaw and be equipped with the know-how to use this versatile tool with confidence.

  • How a bandsaw works 
  • What size do you need?
  • Safe setup and techniques
  • How to choose the right blade for the job
  • Troubleshooting tips


  • What to look for in a bandsaw, new or used
  • Bonus: digital downloads related to bandsaws curated from the Fine Woodworking archives

Getting the Most

from Your Bandsaw

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  • Access to all course materials for 12 months
  • Digital downloads related to bandsaw setup and use
  • PLUS plans and instructions building an outfeed stand to support workpieces

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  • Access to all four of Roland's classes for 12 months -Ā Getting the Most from Your Bandsaw, Jointer and Planer, Tablesaw, and Router
  • Digital downloads for three of the courses
  • Plans and instructions for jigs and accessories related to the machines

Course Details

Chapter 1

All About Bandsaws

Anatomy of a bandsaw. Why beam strength matters. Blade guides. Blade-guide upgrades.

Chapter 2

Bandsaw Blades

Why blades matter. Blade anatomy. Picking the right blade. Blades for cutting smooth curves. Five essential blades.

Chapter 3

Bandsaw Setup

Coiling and uncoiling the blade. Changing the blade. Adjusting the guides. Squaring the table to the blade. Dust collection.

Chapter 4

Buying a Bandsaw

What to look for in a bandsaw. Buying a used bandsaw.


Roland Johnson

Roland Johnson has been a contributing editor to Fine Woodworking since 2002. He became interested in woodworking in high school and has been involved in the business since 1976, when he started refinishing furniture, building furniture, and repairing and building all kinds of other stuff. Rollie is a self-confessed “gear head,” and not just around woodworking machinery and tools. He is an enthusiastic hot-rodder who likes to restore old cars and has been doing it for as long as he can remember. His extensive knowledge of woodworking and machinery make Rollie one of the go-to tool experts for Fine Woodworking.