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Bowl Turning with Matt Monaco & Roland Johnson On-Demand

Join acclaimed wood turner and teacher Matt Monaco as he demonstrates and explains in detail his techniques for turning a range of pieces on the lathe. Monaco, who has deep experience turning production pieces as well as one-of-a-kind gallery work, creates functional turnings with a classical flair and impeccable technique.

Matt begins this course by presenting some foundational information on the craft of woodturning, including brief discussions of the lathe itself, indispensable turning tools, how he sharpens, the keys to proper stance and tool holding, and essential cuts.

He moves next to turning a basic bowl form, a practice piece that illustrates the fundamentals of bowl turning. In subsequent lessons, Matt turns six more projects: bowls in several styles, including a thin-walled vessel, a live-edge bowl, and his signature bowl based on Southwest Native American pottery forms; also, a serving platter; a finely detailed lidded box; and a spinning top with a captured ring.

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