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Getting the Most from Your Jointer & Planer



Before you begin to make furniture, you need boards that are straight and square on all sides—in other words, four-square lumber. The jointer and the planer are an indispensable pair of tools for this job. In this course, power-tool expert Roland Johnson explains the principles of how each tool works and how to get the best results when using them. He discusses cutterhead technologies and possible upgrades, along with a foolproof technique to accurately set straight blades on these machines. Johnson demonstrates how to precisely align the infeed and outfeed tables to the cutterhead and how to accurately adjust the jointer fence to 90°, or to any other angle. He also shows how to identify the different types of warp that might be found in rough-sawn lumber and how to eliminate them using the jointer and planer.

What You Will Learn 

Learn everything you need to get accurately dimensioned lumber:

  • Learn how to choose the right machines and work safely
  • Get a look under the hood of these complex machines
  • Receive an overview of cutterhead technologies and upgrades to consider
  • Learn foolproof tips to accurately set straight blades
  • See how to precisely align the infeed and outfeed tables
  • Learn how to adjust the jointer fence