Dovetail Boot Camp

with Bob Van Dyke 


There’s more than one way to cut dovetails. Learn them all in this online class. Join the interest list now.

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Master this Fundamental Skill

Dovetails may be the most recognizable of all woodworking joints, but they are not easy to master. This comprehensive, four-week online course will help take the mystery out of dovetailing, teaching you pro tips and techniques that maximize efficiency and ensure strong, attractive joints that will last a lifetime.

What you will learn:

  • Why dovetails work

  • Exercises that build muscle memory for cutting and paring by hand
  • Which layout marks you need and which ones you don't
  • Two ways to cut dovetails by hand—pins first or tails first—and why it matters
  • How to incorporate power tools and machines for increased accuracy

  • Expert tips for fitting and troubleshooting

  • Fixes for common mistakes

Tools for Cutting Dovetails

Throughout this course you'll learn what tools help yield precise dovetails and how to use them correctly. Here are the recommendations that you'll explore with your instructor.


Bob Van Dyke

Bob Van Dyke has been a woodworker for most of his life and has been teaching the craft for more than 25 years. A contributing editor to Fine Woodworking, he has written dozens of articles and appears in some of the most popular videos on Bob owns and runs the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, where his hands-on teaching approach is centered around building student mastery of hand tools, power tools, and machines. Outside of woodworking, Bob’s favorite pastime is hanging out with his four grandsons.

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